Picture Detroit has been building community and promoting Detroit in a positive light since 2012.

Hi There and Welcome!


Picture Detroit was created in 2012, when the city of Detroit was on the verge of bankruptcy and our mayor was on trial with the Federal Government. With media at home and across the globe focused only on the negative things happening here and using the least flattering images possible, I had only one goal: let the world know the beauty of the city and the positive things happening here. The name “Picture Detroit” came from my hope that someday, when people searched “pictures of Detroit”, my images highlighting the beauty of the city would be what they see rather than the negative depictions of Detroit popular during that time. Picture Detroit came to be recognized as a valuable tool that has led people back to Detroit; with my photography being featured through numerous sources such as Channel 4 and Visit Detroit, and can now be found at the Detroit Metro Airport in the Detroit! store in the McNamara Terminal in addition to local hotels and homes and offices around the world.


Picture Detroit’s mission is to promote Detroit while building community through visual media. Having worked with Detroit Homecoming as a vendor, I strive to reconnect Detroit expats with the city they love through my lens by highlighting the wonderful things happening here. Each image is personally hand-signed, and also comes with a signed, logo-stamped description of the image and an artist’s mission statement.​

How I give back: Having lived outside of Michigan for over a decade, I know the pain of missing home. And there is probably no one who experiences that loss more than our soldiers stationed overseas. In order to support our troops and show them love from Detroit, a portion of all proceeds will go to sending care packages to these brave men and women who give so much and work hard so we can enjoy our many freedoms. 


Picture Detroit specializes in fine art and street photography. Some photos are left as-is with a minimal amount of editing, while others combine mixed media, paint, and found objects. Commission work is welcome, and I can be reached either via email at Christina@picturedetroit.org or via my website www.picturedetroit.org.


Thank you for your support, Picture Detroit could not exist without you!

“ My goal when shooting is to capture a moment in time and tell a story about what is happening at that moment. If someone can look at my photos and feel or learn something new, I've accomplished my mission." 

~ Christina Collie