MCS Blueprints Found Rotting in Trenton, MI Trailers

After decades of sitting in empty, abandoned trailers, the blue prints and floor plans for Michigan's Central Depot (Station) were finally turned over to Archives of Michigan in 2014. But not before being thoroughly damaged and even destroyed in some cases. The organization is now working to digitize what they were able to salvage, approximately 10% of the total haul. According to the Detroit Free Press, the documents were originally in storage in Metro Detroit with a plan to create a museum and make the documents available to the public. Unfortunately, the person in charge of the plan (and the storage unit) passed away, leaving his wife to move the documents to a new storage facility when she couldn't afford the original unit. Once she died, the documents (and storage payments) fell to a family friend who moved them to the trailers having no idea what else to do with them at the time. 

Thankfully, in 2014 he finally contacted Archives of Michigan and they took over from there. Once Ford purchased the station, Archives of Michigan reached out to Ford who is now using the documents to refurbish the much-destroyed Michigan Central Station.

For more details, please read the full article written by Allie Gross of the Detroit Free Press.