Kiva Loan Fully Funded!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Sending a big “thank you!” to everyone who took the time to register and participate in Picture Detroit’s Kiva crowdfunding campaign.

We did in SIX days what we had 42 to accomplish, and there is no way we could’ve pulled it off without your support. The loan will help pay to update our website so that it‘s as professional and easy to navigate [with a splash of fun!] as you would expect.

Next week we will be stopping by “DETROIT!” at the Detroit Metro Airport to meet with management and see where our magnets, postcards, and prints will be displayed. We at all times strive to provide the best customer experience with the Picture Detroit brand.

Below are four examples of new postcard designs that are now available.

There are so many things happening in the Picture Detroit world, and we’re excited that you’re a part of it!

IMAGES: [from left to right, top to bottom]

1.”Detroit Freedom Fest”; 2.“Roadways & Parking Garages”; 3.“Downtown Skyline”; 4.“View from Cobo”. PHOTOGRAPHER(S):

1. Collaboration between Gerard Corbo & Christina Collie. All other images, Christina Collie, Picture Detroit.

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