What happened to the new parks, hotels, and 686 apartments promised through The District Detroit?

Per Crains Detroit:

“The promised neighborhoods that had names such as Cass Park Village and Wildcat Corner don’t exist, at least not yet. One, Columbia Park, was going to be busy streets and public green space behind the Fox Theatre. Instead, that area remains the expanse of Ilitch-owned parking lots that it’s been for decades. Those neighborhood names have been stripped from The District Detroit website, and Olympia hasn’t explained why.

Failure to deliver five years after the district concept’s initial unveiling, especially on housing, has also fueled criticism that the Ilitches took $200 million in public money to get a hockey arena built, but largely haven’t yet delivered on most of the rest of what was pitched to the public in the colorful renderings: housing, hotels and revitalized historic buildings.” ~ Kirk Pinho, Crain’s Detroit

4.26.15 Midtown/Hotel Eddystone & Park Avenue Hotel [both were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006]